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DANIELE GIRARDI: Extension of the Inner Landscape - painting
April 19 – May 26, 2007

This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the IIC - the Italian Institute of Culture of San Francisco, as part one of a series featuring Italian artists in an international artistic perspective, firmly establishing contemporary Italian art in the context of global culture.

March 1, 2007. MMGalleries is pleased to present the first of two consecutive solo shows by two outstanding Italian painters. Daniele Girardi opens the series with his Extension of the Inner Landscape, featuring mixed-media works. Girardi has developed an original painterly experimentation, which binds technology to manual techniques, distinguishing him as one of the most interesting young artists of the contemporary Italian art scene.

In his works, Girardi explores the fusion of different techniques, and “manual work repeatedly converted into digital form and vice versa”. This reverse Chinese-box approach results in a highly sophisticated mosaic of images that contains all the precepts of paintings and has no spatial references. Girardi factually conceives a “new pictorial territory” by exploiting various media that obliterate the original nature of the work.

Daniele Girardi was born in Verona in 1977. He holds a Fine Art degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. The critic’s attention supported him both in private galleries and important public spaces: the Rome Quadrennial, the solo show at the Palazzo Della Triennale in Milan, and the recent invitation at the ISCP of New York. This is his first show at a gallery in the United States.

  Daniele Girardi, Extension of the Inner Landscape 3,
2006, mixed media on canvas, 27 x 41"