Yvonne Lee Schultz
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Yvonne Lee Schultz – Artist Statement
Porcelain Pistols

The table is a meeting point of society and becomes decorated. It is an old custom to use common traditional tableware and porcelain figures.
The Porcelain Pistols become part of this culture and are perfectly integrated into the well-known tableware by their patterns and material. They completely blend in the setting with the shining surface of the porcelain together with the beauty of the hand painted traditional patterns.

The complacence of the pleasing arrangements becomes perplexingly broken by the form of the weapon. And suddenly we can associate the different aspects of the sexes – the perfection of engineering and technology, and the weapon as an instrument of power and politics for those of the traditional men's world, and the decorative home, beauty and seduction combined in the object of the porcelain pistol for those aspects of the women's world:.
The set table with usually offers cakes, tea and coffee for a lazily chatty afternoon now unifies luxury, death and beauty.

Coffee table gatherings represent a place where society can deal, make promises, bargain at the table, enforce political intentions, negotiate and  probate disputes, claim for shares, increase stocks, reinstate power and areas of responsibility, fight domestic quarrels, as well as family rows.  The pistols seek to symbolize a society which it is commonly deals with aggression and violence.

The Porcelain Pistols have the form of the PP/K and P 99, and show a shiny white surface. They are unique specimen in a series .
Each pistol is hand painted with different motifs referring to the classical well known German and Austrian dinnerware, e.g.: Blue Onion, Scattered Flowers, Golden Rim, Bouquet, Red Rose.  All are marked with YLS, the initials of the artist.

There are two forms made from the original models of Karl Walther, Ulm:
The PP/K, the smaller one (James Bond)
The P/99, the bigger one of the more modern design

The artwork is 17% smaller as the original model due to the burning process
Front side and back side of the Porcelain Pistols are painted differently.

The title of the Pistols refer to their original designation and their artistic realization in porcelain. E.g.:                       
PP/99/ D      ("Dandelion")                              
PP/F            ("Feather")


1966                born in Berkeley, Cal. USA

1995/96           Masterstudent of Prof. Markus Lüpertz/
                        Diploma of the Academy, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

Solo exhibitions (selection)

1995                Sky of the World, 23.3.93, CEBit ‘95 under the Protectorat of                     
                        Sprengel Museum, Hannover (Catalogue), supported by VEBA.com and the worldwide studios of WDR/ARD
1996                sky flag: Dome Cologne, Römer Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Hamburg,   
                        Bonn, Dresden, Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Naumburg, Odeonsplatz 
                        Sky of the World, 8. Mai 1995, Sydney Biennale ‘96, Australian
                        Center of Photography, Sydney,
1998                sky in space, Museum Baden, Solingen
1999                Maler-Himmel, Goethe Institut, Budapest,
2000                Horizont, 19.12.98, Sprengel Museum Hannover, Catalogue,
2003                driven, Galerie Tanit, München
2005                Galerie Stefan Denninger, Berlin
2006                Zagreus Projekt, Berlin

Group exhibitions (selection) and scholarships

1992                Trinationale, Langas Galerie, Vilnius, Lithuania
                        AVE Int. Audio- und Videofestival Arnhem, The Netherlands
1993                13. Int. Video Festival, Tokio
                        European Video Festival, Bologna, Italy
1994                short film days , Oberhausen, Prize German Competition
1995                Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund
1996                New York travel scholarship
                        Museum Ludwig, Cologne
1997                Palazzo degli Affari, Florence
1998                Laut-Malerei, Kunsthalle Wuppertal (Catalogue)
                        scharf, Museum Baden, Solingen
1999                Sterben, Tod, Gedenken, Von der Heydt-Museum: Christ church, Wuppertal
                        53. Bergischer Kunstpreis, Museum Baden, Solingen
                        sleep city, sub 11, temporärer Projektraum, Munich
2000                petit fours, der spiegel, Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringer Str.,  Munich
                        Himmelfahrt, Diözesanmuseum Freising (Catalogue)
                        Internationaler Art Award 2000, Kunstverein Hürth (Catalogue)
2001                1 year scholarship, Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn
                        Lucas-Cranach-Preis, Kronach
2002                bauLab., Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
                        home speed home, Galerie Pankow, Berlin
                        abgedreht, neon installation, Water tower, Wesel
                        Rhytmen der Nacht, Galerie Markus Wimmer, Landshut
2003                About Painting in Photography, Galerie Carol Johnssen,  Munich               
                        Überfluss, Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin
                        Spuren, collection of ADAC, Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
                        Sitzkunst, wandering exhibition in Germany, start Messe Köln, artwork in collection NORD/LB
2004                strip, Wilhelm-Hack-Musseum: Scharpf Galerie, Ludwigshafen, with C. Desgranges
                        strip, Städtische Galerie Neunkirchen, with C. Desgranges
2005                Galerie Wäcker & Jordanow, Munich
                        Wilhelm-Hack-Museum: Scharpf Galerie, Ludwigshafen

Art and Architecture /Site Specific Works

2001               VW, Wolfsburg, indoor 
2002                Water tower, Wesel, (temp.) outdoor
2004                NORD/LB, New York, indoor
2004                European Patent Office, entrance hall, Munich, indoor
2007                March: Realisation of the project of competition of the BDI (Cultural
                        Committee of German Industries), Erholungshaus, Bayer-Leverkusen