Fahamu Pecou
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Artist Statement: Fahamu Pecou“Success in the post-Warhol art world meant not just feverish acclaim at high prices, but also a fame so pervasive that one’s name appears in the gossip columns, fashion magazines and game shows.” – David Bourdon, WarholNeoPop is a contemporary host of visual responses to popular culture. In the first major solo exhibition of painter/performance artist Fahamu Pecou, NeoPop explores society’s fascination with media and celebrity. Within the conventions of Pop Art, NeoPop examines the current authority of popular culture, and challenges the notion of Fine Arts position in commercialization.

The impact of celebrity is steadily communicated through means of societal affiliation and mass reaction. This recognition is often endorsed by reputation, status, and accessibility. In NeoPop the series, Pecou explores what builds celebrity and status. By utilizing the front covers and celebrity sighting pages of significant publications, He creates large-scale self-portraits and digital prints that accurately account the details of the publication referenced.
“By employing my proficiency as a graphic designer, I choose to “art direct” each painting. I focus on the fundamentals of design, composition, color, and line to create the “desirability” often found in successful marketing strategies.” The images and words converge to create messages, both overt and subliminal, that caption social and political issues in iconography. By doing this, Pecou exposes his own associations with celebrity, media, displacement, racism and fine art. “The objective is to begin a dialogue with the viewer that challenges our ideas about pop culture, media and celebrity while simultaneously empowering myself as an artist”.

Click here to view a Pecou Quicktime video.