Linda Karshan
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Linda Karshan confines herself to the traditional medium of drawing. Using mainly pencil, as well as, turpentine and brush, as artistic means. Linda Karshan's drawings are not drawings in the usual sense. Lines receive new meaning in her works. They are not lines of contours which outline a certain object and which are subordinate to it. These lines have become independent, expressing intuitive emotional and mental processes. Thus the artist herself does not speak of lines, but of dashes, by which she means short notations in the form of graphic repre-
sentations, which are not to be seen as isolated abstract letters or characters, but can be 'read' only in the context of the finished drawing. Linda Karshan creates her drawings standing at a table, which bears already the marks of her intensive work, bent over a large empty piece of paper. She begins to put her notations at random, as it seems, which she then continues with utmost concentration and endurance. There is no given direction. On the contrary, during the process of work Linda Karshan turns the paper again and again, while her hand is
drawing. The working processes as such, its beginning and end, cannot be recognized once the drawing has
been completed.

The works convey a longing for balance and order deeply hidden in human beings which also implies some kind of orientation. In their steadiness and repetitions the horizontal lines convey the same inner balance and stability as the lines which are interrupted in the middle of the sheet, thus creating an additional vertical, upright structure within the drawing. In the finished drawing, the (at first glance) seemingly arbitrariness of the artistic process shows both the spontaneously drawn short strokes, and the long-drawn lines. These turn out to be a system of drawings developed out of an inner need, which the artist transfers intuitively with a sure hand and persuasive power to a piece of paper. Due to her highly refined drawing ability and clearly structured use of forms Linda Karshan achieves with a minimum of artistic means, a maximum of intensity and expression, which the viewer cannot elude. With each new drawing Linda Karshan requires not only of herself but also of the viewer to reconsider again and again the basic structures of our existence, in order to experience something about what we call the truth. Excerpt from Drawings By Irene Netta, Munich 1999.